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From a virtual CFO to bookkeeping, we offer a comprehensive package of custom-tailored financial services for your growing business.

Let’s Get Your Business in Order

Do you need financial advice, a new controller, or a temporary CFO? Our advisory and fiduciary services are at your disposal.

Chief Financial Officer

Small businesses lack resources for keeping an in-house CFO, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need one. An experienced CFO is an essential cog in the revenue machine, responsible for keeping your financial performance in line with your company objectives and strategies. From reading the numbers right to making sure you don’t fall victim to financial error and fraud, a CFO provides both the insight and oversight needed for growing your business.Our team of seasoned finance and accounting professionals includes multiple Chief Financial Officers ready to lend their experience and expertise when you need it.

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It’s not unusual for small business entrepreneurs to keep their own books. But as your operations grow, taxing accounting tasks follow suit. What you need is a reliable controller to help you with day-to-day account management and cash-flow maintenance. A controller who could also generate financial reports and perform audits, so you don’t have to. It’s good news that Sonoran provides controller services as well. We can get a part of that burden off your shoulders and let you focus on achieving your goals.

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Management Consulting

Even the best-performing managers, be they experienced or novice, can’t make every decision alone. Sometimes, they need help managing a huge sales deal, a merger, or an acquisition. There are plenty of complex situations where managers require a fresh perspective - ownership transitions, refinancing, restructuring, liquidity issues, bank workouts, litigation, and bankruptcy are only a few. Our team of seasoned finance and accounting professionals includes multiple Chief Financial Officers ready to lend their experience and expertise when you need it.

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Interim Management

Sometimes a brain trust is not enough to solve a business problem. When a hitch becomes a crisis and profits begin to drop, more and more companies choose to employ an interim manager. Trained to thrive under pressure, these professionals have a unique ability to diagnose the problem and turn the situation around in a short time. We call them “company doctors". Whether you need an Interim CEO, CRO, CFO, Receiver, Trustee, or Independent Board Member, there’s always someone at Sonoran that you can call “the doctor.”

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Why Sonoran
Business Advisors?

We understand that running a business requires more than just a good idea and hard work to turn that idea into a profitable business. It also requires organization, specialization, and expertise across numerous business functions, as well as a deep understanding of how they interrelate with each other.

We have advised, counseled, and managed hundreds of small businesses in various growth stages and across well-established and emerging industries.

Our objective is to provide you with the information needed to make quality business decisions and increase your profitability.

Why Businesses Big and
Small Choose Sonoran

Experience and Expertise

We’ve learned a lot by advising leaders from all industries at different stages and sizes. You don’t have to choose between experience and expertise. With Sonoran, you get both.

Personalized Care and Support

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to seeing you reach your goals. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact and our full support every step of the way.

Commitment to the Long-Term

Sonoran offers services for both budding and ever-growing businesses. No matter if you have a few employees or employees in the thousands, we are here to grow with you.

Become a Sonoran Client

If you’re interested in employing our services, why wait? We understand that running a business is a 24/7 job, so we keep the process of becoming a Sonoran client simple and streamlined. Here’s how it goes:

Initial Consultation

As soon as you contact us, one of our finance experts will meet with you to discuss your specific needs.

Creating a Custom Plan

After the initial meet-and-greet, our team will get together to hand-pick solutions and create Sonoran’s Custom-Tailored Plan for your business.

Our Services Proposal

You’ll receive our proposal, including your personalized plan, recommended services, and price - all tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Signing the Engagement Letter

When you accept our proposal, we sign the engagement letter and begin work.

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