Financial Modeling and Analysis

Need some help planning for future needs, costs, and opportunities?

Forecasting Your Future with
Financial Modeling

As a business, you cannot escape the realities of finance. The existence and success of your business depends on various financial factors, internal and external alike. Every new project, strategic shift, and tectonic change is a potential financial risk. Market fluctuations and the economy affect your financial health as well, making it more or less stable. Ideally, you want your business to keep growing despite these challenges. You must be able to foresee different scenarios and plan your best growth strategy.

This is what financial modeling does. Using your past and current financial reports, it analyzes and anticipates future developments with utmost certainty. It provides an accurate estimate of your past, current, and future worth and turns this knowledge into a decision-making tool. Financial modeling allows you to test various scenarios, calculate future costs, allocate resources, and mitigate risk. At Sonoran, we provide financial modeling and analysis services that secure your growth no matter what.

Financial Modeling

Whether you’re planning an expansion or a change of course (or maybe you just want to impress your stakeholders and request more funding), your business can benefit from financial modeling. The way they are right now, your books and financial reports won’t be able to show you the best way forward. Our financial modeling services can help you make some sense of it all. We will translate your raw data into actionable insight and make your decision-making process a little bit easier and much more certain.

We will approach your finance in a holistic way and work side by side with the rest of our experienced accounting team to build a comprehensive, data-rich financial model for your business. This can help you identify key growth factors and pinpoint risks, but also anticipate or explain the impact of events such as:

  • Restructuring, reorganizing, and improving
  • Resource allocation and budget planning
  • Business plans and Initial Public Offerings
  • Capital loans, fundraising, and refinancing
  • Acquisitions, joint ventures, and mergers
  • Real estate feasibility models and studies
  • Infrastructure project feasibility for banks

Modeling Validation

If it seems like your current financial model isn’t working very well, we can help validate its accuracy. In addition to building financial models, our team also provides third-party reviews of existing ones. We’ll check the math behind the build, the integrity of the model, and the logic used by your modelers. That way, we can make sure that both the base case and designated sensitivities are 100% accurate and in line with financial reports and supporting documents. You’ll get our review and an in-depth validation report.

If you have any reason to doubt the integrity of your existing model, better check it now than base your future on faulty assumptions. Modeling validation can save you a lot of time and money, not to mention the risk and damage that comes with making ill-informed business decisions. Here’s what we can do:

  • Assumptions reviews
  • Rich analytical reviews
  • Algorithm consistency
  • Early risk detection
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Parallel financial models

Why Do You Need Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling adds visibility, transparency, and certainty to all future projects and projections. It can be of special help when there’s a high volume of financial data involved in your decision-making or when you need to keep multiple stakeholders on the same page. Financial modeling aids strategic planning in high-stake situations, making you less exposed and vulnerable to risk. By allowing you to see the situation from all angles, it gives you the much-needed reassurance and confidence for tackling new challenges.

Why Choose Sonoran Financial Models?

Multiskilled builders

Our team of all-around builders taps into financial expertise, combines it with specialist knowledge, and relies on Sonoran’s years-long practical experience to deliver only the best financial models.

Adaptable models

At Sonoran, we’re not afraid to take on complicated challenges and deliver complex results. No matter how specific or perplexing, our models are 100% unique for every business and situation.

Accurate projections

You can’t build a structure on a bad foundation and expect it not to fall. Financial models are used for long-term planning, so we’ll conduct multiple checks to make sure that your build is flawless.

Modeling Cues from Business Advisors

Financial models can show you the future, but they can’t always tell you how to get there. That’s what our business advisors are for.


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