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Everyone Needs a
Financial Controller for Hire

Controllers can be found mostly in large organizations, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be helpful in small businesses, too. On the contrary, a controller’s contribution can be decisive for financial growth. Controllers are responsible for solving crises, optimizing daily processes, and determining a course for the future. In terms of performance and progress, that is exactly what every small business needs.

Isn’t a Controller the Same as a CFO?

One of the role-defining duties of a financial controller is to provide a helping hand to the organization’s CFO. Though they are often referred to interchangeably, the two roles complement each other like work and talent. A CFO provides vision and out-of-the-box thinking, while a controller offers discipline and attention to detail.

What Does a Financial Controller Do?

Financial controllers can have many different responsibilities, depending on whether or not there’s a CFO present. A controller’s duties may also vary depending on what the company does and its size and industry. In any case, a controller is an executive whose responsibility is overseeing business books.

Some of the key duties of a financial controller include the following:

  • Managing accounting teams and bookkeeping operations
  • Supervising payroll processing and financial reporting
  • Preparing financial statements at the end of each month
  • Staying on top of the company’s balance sheets and budgets
  • Establishing proper business tax management practices
  • Doing the company’s due diligence and meeting compliance
  • Collecting and analyzing financial data to provide insight.

Modern-day finance is much more than crunching numbers. In fact, most of the crunching is done by computers. What’s left to human experts is to manage, optimize, and lead. As business partners and consultants, controllers play a vital part in that. A controller’s responsibilities are to implement efficiency, ensure accuracy, and provide data-backed input for a decision-making process.

Why Do You Need a Virtual Financial Controller?

Small and large organizations alike hire virtual financial controllers when they need better oversight of their accountants and books. Inaccurate financial reports often stand in the way of growth; controllers can help remove that obstacle and establish error-free processes for the future. A controller can provide advice when you need to automate bookkeeping or CPA assistance during tax season.

While large organizations employ in-house controllers, this option is rarely viable for small and growing businesses. A financial controller is a demanding role that requires a unique but versatile skill set, great experience, and a deep understanding of all accounting departments, not to mention the soft skills to manage and lead. In-house controllers are expensive, but they are not irreplaceable.

A virtual financial controller is a great alternative to an in-house expert.

This is your on-demand professional who can provide the same know-how for a fraction of the price. Whether you need someone to oversee the close of a financial period or an expert to call when you need budgeting advice, Sonoran’s own financial controllers for hire are at your disposal.

How Can Sonoran Controllers Help You?

In love with finance

At Sonoran, we have an entire team of CFOs ready to take up the role. Other than field expertise and experience, we foster a passion for finance and a deep interest in our clients.

Insight on demand

Good controllers are difficult to find because excellence in this position requires more than knowledge. Experience is crucial, as it provides the necessary insight and intuition. At Sonoran, we have experts who have been in business for longer than two decades.

Custom solutions

One of a controller’s many responsibilities is optimizing key financial processes by adding efficiency and improving security. Our professionals can analyze your systems to determine their weakest points and provide proven solutions that we can custom-tailor to your organization.

Actionable results

At Sonoran, we offer more than just financial accuracy. More importantly, we deliver actionable insight that you can actually use and base your decisions on. We will ensure our work improves your bottom line and helps your business grow.

Do you Still Need a CFO or a Different Kind of Expert?

Let us know. Sonoran is a team of multi-versed business advisors and financial professionals. We only need to determine which one of us can be most helpful.


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