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Turn ProblemsInto Opportunities

Facing a turnaround, but there’s nobody to lead you through?

Interim Management for Any
Type of Crisis Response

Every crisis is a chance to adapt and evolve, but turning a problem into an opportunity requires careful handling. For your wounded company, these requirements are more than you can take on. Whether you’re left with no viable solution or no leadership to implement one, you could always use a helping hand in times like these. The problem is that you’re left with no money and time to waste and are not in a position to take risks. You need a miracle solution that’s fast, affordable, and infallibly effective.

You need interim management. At Sonoran, our senior experts are ready to take up the role in any emergency scenario. Interim managers are helpful whenever there’s a need for short-term troubleshooting and out-of-the-box problem-solving. They bring the specialized expertise and experience required for managing change or transition and improving efficiency in companies that have been hit by a crisis or are left without adequate leaders.

Fast Solutions & Tangible Results

In times of trouble, there are usually not enough resources to hunt down a new executive. Though time is a luxury, you must spend at least a couple of months selecting, vetting, and interviewing candidates. Don’t forget about onboarding, training, and trial. And all that assuming that your top pick is available. Finding a long-term leader who will tick all your boxes is notoriously hard, especially on short notice. Luckily, hiring a qualified temporary executive is simpler - and it provides fast and measurable results.

Expertise With No Hidden Costs

Bringing a new captain on board is a long and challenging process, but it’s also expensive. You won’t be able to find and hire a high-in-demand professional without dipping into your savings. You’ll need a competitive employee package, too, including a handsome salary, pension, insurance, and benefits. An interim manager won’t charge you for any of this. What’s more, interim management services will help you save whatever’s left in your bank and make you more profitable in the future. It’s a double win.

New Outlook on Old Problems

After a while, every good team starts to think as one. While singularity is beneficial in terms of efficient communication, it’s not the best for creative problem-solving. When looking at the problem from a singular perspective, you’re missing the complete picture. In these situations, hiring an outsider is better than hiring from within. The best interim executives have multidisciplinary experience and highly specialized skill sets, which allows them to attack the problem from an angle you never knew existed.

Restored Stability and Progress

Sudden leadership changes are never easy. They present various challenges, such as employee resistance, lack of communication, and operational setbacks, all of which can seriously damage your company’s bottom line. It’s different with interim management. Coming in only for the short-term, temporary executives are usually greeted with less resistance and are rarely seen as a destabilizing factor. On the contrary - they come in to de-escalate crises, restore stability, and motivate progress.

Why Do You Need an Interim Manager?

Crisis management is a broad term that envelops a range of different scenarios. Most businesses need help managing change of leadership or ownership, which is usually followed by staff restructuring and transformation. But you don’t have to wait for your company to get turned upside down to employ interim management services. If you have a problem that nobody on your staff knows how to solve, a temporary expert with field experience can help you develop new strategies and improve old operations.

How Can Sonoran Help Your Business?

Can Sonoran help you resolve a very specific kind of business crisis? Absolutely, we can. Our versed team of business advisors specializes in financial management and boasts years-long experience that allows us to tackle problems in various industries and sectors. We provide a wide range of interim management services and solutions that have been proven effective and that can be aligned with your specific objective.

Extensive executive experience

Having worked with over one hundred businesses, both big and small, we’ve gathered broad executive experience and knowledge of industry-specific challenges. At Sonoran, we have at least one interim executive that has already solved a crisis similar to yours and is ready to take up the job ASAP.

Out-of-the-box problem-solving

We are a team of avid problem-solvers. Our interim managers have been helping growing businesses overcome obstacles and navigate change for nearly thirty decades. In this time, we’ve developed a rich knowledge base of best practices and out-of-the-box solutions that we can custom-tailor to your needs.

With you for as long as you need

Short-notice engagement is what makes interim management so attractive in the first place. For many temporary executives, this is an excuse to jump ship at first sight of a new opportunity. This is not the Sonoran way. We’ll stay with you for as long as you need us - at least long enough to inflict real change.

If You Need a CFO, Controller, or Consultant

We have them, too. Sonoran experts are dedicated to finding and implementing only the best, most innovative, and 100% effective financial solutions - no matter the role or assignment at hand.


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